Divina Comedia aka The Hell Show came and went, and good times were had.

Here’s a few photos!

Beyond rehearsing for this and two other shows, a lot has been going on… but nothing worth talking about.

So instead, here’s a couple videos of me playing on spin pole and trying not to barf.

(Spin pole is REALLY not my thing as of yet but I’m working on it).

Here’s me:

Attempting an angel spin. (LOVE this song, it’s Active Child, Hanging On)

Attempting a simple thigh grip and being thwarted. (The Weeknd, Earned It, which is of course a cut off the 50 Shades soundtrack which was an ACCIDENT. I’m sorry).

Oh and then my music cut out at one point but I kept going, and when I watched the video later it was kinda funny. (Cee Lo’s Fool for You, and I’m linking to the version with Melonie Fiona because it’s da bomb dot com).

What’s new with everybody?


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