Personal Hell: The Musical!

I took this photo while standing with several bags and glaring.

I’ll be you guys thought this was going to be about depression but no–it’s about a show I’m getting ready for that’s based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, and guess what part our piece is about?


Full disclosure: I have kind of hated every minute of learning this. It’s hard on your body (lots of stomping, neck circling, hunching, flopping, and spasming), and our “motivations” are really disgusting.

At varying times in the piece, these are the cues we’ve been given:

-“You’re puking in your hands here.”

-“You’re being electrocuted”

-“Satan is throwing you.”

-“Something is impaling you here (*gestures towards crotch*) and the it comes up and out of your mouth.”

-“You’re being stabbed.”

-Etc, etc, etc.

We’ve also been encouraged to think about our own version of “personal hell” for extra emotional motivation.

Of course Dani, who’s a friend as well as a teacher, called me out in class: “Cathy’s version of personal hell, for example, would be an eternity of hearing “Hey Cutie” on OkCupid.”

I had to agree with her.

(Quick slideshow of my personal hell: men in NYC.)

Anyway, we all feel kind of awkward acting this stuff out, but we taped the piece for the first full run through last night and I have to admit–it looks pretty creepy.

In other news: my favorite pole teacher has been on hiatus, so, after another bad intermediate class, I decided to focus on ballet barre and flex training as well as this Bellyqueen show for the time being. I hope she comes back soooooon!

And if you’re in the New York City area on March 29th/are really into demonic interpretive dance, here’s a link to more info on the full show!

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