Mansplaining at the gym.

This is the face of "WHY ARE YOU DOING DIS"

Saw this and choked on my tea:

Not much I can say any better than Pia did (she really sets the scene for the rage well haha), but something similar completely happened to me a couple of months ago and actually caused me to stop stretching at the gym for a few weeks.

can you... not?
can you… not?

I was on my back using a towel to pull one of my feet for a hamstring stretch. I like to use a towel because it gets a lot of grip over a sock, and if you position it right in the arch of your foot, you can pull both sides of the towel help rotate your leg in and out of a turn-out from the hip (something I’m always working on!).

So I’m on my back, don’t-talk-to-me-earbuds firmly in place, crotch fully exposed to the world because yeah, I’m trying to pull my leg to my face, it happens, and I see this dude.

He does pretty much what Pia described: this obnoxious arm wave like he needs to tell me the building is on fire.

I drop the towel, sit up, and take an earbud out of my ear. “You should use a yoga strap for that,” he says.



Like Pia, I also had a waaaaaaah moment and checked his shirt thinking he must have been a trainer. Nope. Just an entitled white dude who felt the need to insert himself into my day.

I think I just kind of choked out a “no thank you” (because, why is this person invading my space to insert their opinion on my stretching technique?) and he shrugged and walked away.

This is the face of "WHY ARE YOU DOING DIS"
Pia and I have similar “WHY ARE YOU DOING DIS” faces.

But my fear of stretching in publicremains.

Someone tell me: WHY IS THIS A THING?

It’s bros like this that scare me out of doing anything on the pull up bar, even though I really want to.

Have you guys ever had an experience like this? How did you handle it?\

Are men just being helpful? Trying to flirt? What’s going on here, for real?


  1. I’ve never had anything that creepy/annoying happen to me at the gym, but one day when I was working on some back flexibility stretches (bridge/wheel, bow pose – nothing crazy) this old guy came up to me and asked what I was training for, which led to a whole conversation about aerial hoop (because that was easier to explain than pole dance). He seemed to be under the impression that I was a full on circus artist, which just goes to show that what’s considered moderate flexibility in the pole world is more impressive in “real life”!

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