Dance Moms is on Netflix, so there goes my week.

I just discovered this show. Not really feeling the fake mom drama/bickering/blahbityblah, but the dancing? The pressure? The real talk on technique? Yasssssssss.

Deep thoughts I had while watching Dance Moms for the first time, in no particular order… with some Abby Lee gifs to help illustrate my feelings.

1. Fuck you, mom, for not putting me in dance classes from age 3. I could have had my splits 20 years ago.

too old

2. Actually I’m sorry mom, dance classes like these probably would have made me hate dancing and would have crowded out all other interests in my life. 7 hours a day? Like seriously?

3. If I were a child, I would find it really confusing to see two authority figures screaming at each other in front of me.

4. Maddie. Wow. It’s beyond technique. This kid just speaks movement, fluently.

she's a star

5. I feel like there’s a lot of life lessons happening on this show, that I wish I would have learned earlier. For example: corrections aren’t personal–the move should be what the move is intended to be. If you don’t perform it properly, you’ll get corrected. No reason to catch hurt feelings.

6.  I feel like it’s the job of families of kids who perform like this to remind them that they’re important as a person outside of dance–but not to contradict corrections they’re getting (ie. “You’re dancing PERFECTLY, your teacher doesn’t know what she’s talking about”). I think kids are tough enough to handle picky corrections on one thing (like dance) if they have a strong support system reminding them that they’re worthy and loved for 100 other reasons (outside of how well they do that one skill).

7. Like, Maddie though. Are you serious? And her attitude is so killer too. I feel like I could learn a lot from how this kid operates–rolling with the punches, trying her hardest for simple the love of doing it right (not to win approval, etc), being fearless.

Let’s take a moment and appreciate her.

8. Don’t argue with your teacher. She’s right. Even if she’s being mean about it. Kendall, you ARE sticking your rib cage out.

shut up and sit down

9. Accept what looks like a loss gracefully. When Maddie was passed over for the starring spot of a music video (one that required more posing than dancing), she actually won the opportunity to dance her butt off throughout the whole thing–which was a spotlight on her true talent. Because she kept a good attitude, she danced beautifully and in my opinion, totally stole the show.

u mad?


10. It’s a long game–win or lose competition to competition, dedication to clean technique, hard work, and pure enjoyment of dancing wins over time. Again, totally obsessed with Maddie and it’s showing, but, you can tell watching this kid that dancing naturally feels great and right to her. You can’t hold that kind of talent and attitude down. It’s just too fun to watch.

i would kill myself if i didn't dance

Other notes from the week: I tried spinning for the first time. My ass is KILLING me (those seats are really hard) but so are my quads, thus I’m thinking this might be good cross-training for improving my extensions.… a never-ending project.

How’s everybody? Did we all catch Leigh Ann killing it over at PopSugar? Totally doing this workout at home on Saturdays when I’m too lazy to go to the studio.

Also, love these guys proving that just because we make it look easy doesn’t make it so.


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