Pole resolutions? Also: FREE GRIP GLOVES.

Here’s mine: I want to start uploading a freestyle vid a week, with different prompts, for the rest of the month!

Do you guys ever do that exercise? You use a word like “heavy” or a body party like “hands” to focus on, and use it as an intention. It’s fun!

Anyway, there’s that, and I want to start incorporating flex classes back into my routine.

Goals for the year: right side splits, aerial invert (pretty sure this is the same one from last year, whoops), and graduating to the next level in my pole classes.

What’s your big resolution?grip gloves

And would anybody like a pair of grip gloves? They’re size small and tacky (ie. meant for inverts or poses, not spinning), Might Grip brand. They work fine, but I think I prefer bare hands. They look like dis, in black ======>

Let me know via the “contact” button up above! If I get more than one request I’ll draw names out of a hat or something.

PS. CHOPPED MY HAIR. Anybody else goinshort hair don't careg through some ch-ch-changes for the New Year?

Happy 2015!


  1. I enjoy your videos. My resolution is to make it to class more often. I’m an off-again, on-again student, so I don’t make too much progress. But it’s a great workout.

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