I’m 28 years old and I got my nose pierced.

My beauty routine now involved wetting a q-tip and polishing the stone after I powder my face.

photo 2

It’s cute though, right?

I should note that I only got this because, on a trip to the mall to get my glasses adjusted (an appropriate activity for someone who is almost thirty), my little sister announced that we were making a pit stop to get her nose pierced. And she did (she’s 25… I protested a little, but hey, she’s an adult and it’s her face). The thing is… it looked so cute that I got mine done on the spot.

Spoiler alert: it does not feel like a “little pinch” to get your nose pierced.

It feels like a metal rod is being pushed through your cartilage, and it takes several excruciating seconds.

Nobody told me that it wouldn’t hurt, but, ya know, I figured I’m Pole Strong (TM) so it wouldn’t bother me. Lol yeah it hurt so bad.

Again, cute though, right? I was thinking that I would immediately regret it, but actually, I’m in love. It’s pretty (SPARKLES) but a little edgy, just like me. The edgy part anyway.

Okay okay, so here’s some obligatory Thanksgiving pictures of The Baby,  who now says the word “Cat” which I’ll go ahead and assume is an attempt at Cathy (IN YO FACE, “mama” and “dada”!)

Please note her exasperation with my sister’s posing as she waits for more yogurt to enter her face. This kid. Love her.

photo 3photo 5


Everybody have a good thanksgiving? Are we all getting appropriately, seasonally fat?

Here’s a song I just found and can’t wait to try on the pole, ps–acoustic version of Running, Jessie Ware. DAMN can this woman sing.


  1. Yey nose piercing! I’m 28 and really want mine done but I’m a teacher and my school is too picky with dress code, hoping I’ll get a job in a more relaxed school so I can.

    I have a few other piercings so I should be able to deal with the pain ok 🙂

    • My 25 year old coworker said she wants to do hers, but she thinks she’s too old. I was like, girl… *world’s hardest eye roll* haha. Yeah the good news is it apparently doesn’t show when you take it out. The guy who pierced me had a nose GAGE (like, is that even a thing???) at one point, and all that was left was a tiny spot. But yeah, you do have to walk around with it for the first 6 weeks. Maybe for summer vacation? 😉

      • I actually have a job next year where I’m allowed to be pierced wherever. So now I have to actually decide if I want it, not just dream about it since it’s forbidden :p

      • I had a belly piercing but it healed on a slight angle so I had to take it out. It got bumped one two many times at pool when it was fresh and tore, then healed wonky. I could have left it in but it just didn’t look how it should.

        I have my nipples done. 🙂

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