Poleless so obviously dying.

I am between poles and it is DESTROYING MY SOUL.

I left my 50mm at a friend’s house because his apartment is huge so he was going to let me shoot so tricks there. Buuuut we misjudged his ceiling height and have to order an extension. So, it’s chilling there because I am not paying for another $20 cab ride to get it home again.

Meanwhile, I finally got around to putting together my new 45mm this weekend (WHEEEE) and discovered it’s missing the connecting insert for the top dome.

I am currently making this face: 😐

Anyway, let’s talk about people I’m stalking on social media right now.

First, THIS GUY.

You may remember Paul his earlier work: playing the clarinet on the pole:

He also plays sax.

Just, the whole concept of  casually playing a musical instrument on a pole? Love it.  It’s also awesome when people are funny, but also obviously very skilled.

And then there’s THIS girl, who I saw on Huffpo (I typed just “Huffpoo–Freudian slip?!) and then immediately watched all of her videos on YouTube.

At first glance, she just has amazing things to say about being a woman/girl but then LOW AND BEHOLD: my Spidey/Poler sense started tingling and there it is: homegirl has a pole in her house.

Because duh, articulate, hilarious, sexy chicas know what’s up with pole and aerials. Are you really surprised?

Anyway, because I physically can’t pole right now, the universe is being a dick and trolling me with all the excellent pole music. So I’ll just dump another song here:

PS. Got my remi sit from a sweet new knee hold combo we did in class the other day–CANNOT wait to show you guys.


  1. Okay, fun song, great link to Ana, and one more little thing. I was clicking through my WordPress reader without paying attention to who was authoring posts and as I read this I KNEW IT WAS YOU! How fucking cool is it that I know your “voice”? Same as I know Sheena’s photos by their style. Love your brand/personality. Love.

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