Don’t want no…

So I was complaining to my guy friend about guys who post dic pics as their profile pics on Tinder.

I mean… it’s not cool. You’re swiping away, expecting to see faces, and then, oh hey, it’s a penis.



I wasn’t ready to see that, ya know?

So anyway, he said I should swipe yes and then send them this song, and I. Am. Dead.

Isn’t that cute, an extra belly button! You need to put your pants back on, honey.

So anyway, I’ve been wicked sick (bronchitis, holla!) and thus woefully long off the pole.

But… I may have gotten myself an early birthday present of a 45mm X-Pole!!! WHEEEEE.

I’ve just started learning¬†really shitty, ugly handsprings with one hand on the floor (!!!!!), so I’m really excited to work on them at home with this thing. Cause we all know 45=MUCH GRIP, SO EASE, wow.

Pole stuff aside, how’s everybody’s summer going? I finally did my first truly summery thing of the year by hitting up Coney Island (yes, I skipped class and I felt very guilty about it) and it was awesome. They have a new roller coaster!

I’m the one waving my arms in the back row like a crazy person. Hey if it’s your time to go, you might as well GO, you know?

I also tried one called the Soarin’ Eagle that you LAY ON YOUR STOMACH on. Horrifying stuff. Here’s some snaps!

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