BeSpun Flow Challenge: ACCEPTED.

I followed BeSpun’s Flow Challenge*** on a whim (you guys all know my obsession with Leigh Ann) and it’s been TORTURING ME.

I’ve been home for a wedding and thus away from my pole while these gorgeous flow videos are going up and I WANT TO TRY ALL THE FLOWS RIGHT NOW AHHHHH.

(***Important note: “BeSpun” autocorrects as “Pubes” on an iPad. The more you know.)

Anyway, check them out–if not to submit to the video battle, then at least to get a little inspiration or a new combo to play with. Of course because they are from Leigh Ann’s studio they are SeXXXy OMGZ, and I am totally okay with that.

Here’s the latest video (which I couldn’t figure out how to embed from Facebook’s WACK sharing mechanism):

Are we loving these moves? Hating them? I just hope they look as good without shoes because lol nope @ the shoes.

And here’s what I’VE been up to: some flying, some weddinging, and some holding a baby-while-playing-dominoes. The usual.

She was helping me add.

And speaking of flow and being at home, I got yet another Netflix DVD from a queue I clearly made two years ago called “Strip to It: Core Moves and Fantasies.”

The point of the DVD is obviously to teach you a few moves to put together and “perform” for a significant other, but, shhhh, the off label use: a terrific crash course in filler moves for pole!

If you’re one of those people who does TRICKS TRICKS TRICKS in class but has trouble smoothing things out in a routine, these are some super cute basics to mix in. Obviously, the DVD is called “Strip to It” so the choreo is on the sexy side, but you can definitely dial it down to flirty, or even add a gymnastics edge to make it more your speed. I mean, basics are basics, am I right? And the best part: you don’t need a pole or even a whole lot of space to practice these at home.

If you have Netflix, here’s that link again.


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