I think a pole dance group is kind of a weird idea

Okay I’m TRYING to have an open mind, really! I heard about this documentary coming out called “Off the Floor” about the first ever pole dance company (as in, a company for contemporary pole dancing that performs in a group, like any other dance company). 

So I watched the trailer and immediately thought, “Well, this is not a good idea.”

BUT… “Maybe I am wrong and I will be impressed,” I also thought.

So I watched a video of the troop performing. And yeah. I just don’t think this is a good idea. 

I’m being a hater, right? I knooooow. But pole is just not precise enough to be performed in numbers. Even with two people it starts looking messy. Pole is a momentum game. And that’s just on static mode–forget spin. It’s very hard to control. This is obvious to me even as I struggle to hit musical marks on a pole by myself in Poleography… I can’t imagine trying to stay crisply in sync with 12 other people. 

BUT, I thought, maybe these chicas will nail it.


They did not.

Don’t get me wrong–individually they’re very good. I just really wanted to be impressed with Chinese-pole levels of precision, and the women in this troupe seem to be about the same level as many of the students at my studio. Which is to say, they’re excellent, but they’re not Cirque du Soleil. Which I feel is really required for a mess of people on poles to look like anything clean or cohesive. 

What do you guys think? Am I being a bitch? I wanted to like it, but I prefer my dance like I prefer my vegetables: CRISP.

Bah humbug! 😀


  1. You’re not being a hater (or maybe we both are), because I agree 100%. The most successful pole and aerial companies I have watched are the ones that don’t try to make everything synchronized, but rather choreograph numbers where each person plays their part while maintaining individuality. AERA and Pulse Project are two good examples 🙂

    • Bwahaha partners in haterade! Multiple aerial disciplines sounds like it would make a great company. I also like the idea of storytelling in pole–where, like you said, there would be less emphasis on synchronicity and maybe more on characters with their own style and forms of expression. Pole ballet needs to be a thing!

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