Are you curious about Tinder? Enjoy these screencaps.

So I read this article about a month ago that was all about how Tinder is horrible and evil and is ruining the world.

Naturally, I immediately went home and got the app. (I’m a brat).

Now before you read this and get depressed about the shit-show that is being “out there,” I would like to add a disclaimer that MOST of the messages I got/get on Tinder are fine/boring.This is just the worst 10%. Also, I totally met an adorable guy, so, ya never know!!

Meanwhile, I’m still checking my messages because LMAO, you CANNOT make this stuff up, and it’s extremely entertaining.

Word to the wise: polers, do NOT put pole pictures on Tinder. Personally, I’m really open about dancing because I think it pushes back against the taboo aspect, but, Tinder is just not the place for exercising faith in humanity. You’ll open yourself up to a lot of bullshit.

Names/Pictures Removed to Protect the Stupid:

1. Little Spoon

Sometimes I just can’t contain my visceral reactions to things.

little spoon

2. Russian (Part 1)


3. Russian (Part 2)

It occurred to me that this might be the set up for a joke/line, so I went along with it. Nope, he was just a jackass!

are you white

4. “I’m in Love With You”

I decided to assume he was joking. Bad assumption.

i'm in love with you5. Flying

Every picture of this man was of him in the cockpit of a plane with both hands on controls. I thought it was safe to assume he flew planes.

Again: first rule of Tinder is NEVER ASSUME THE BEST OF PEOPLE.

But really my favorite part of this was him waiting a few minutes, realizing I didn’t want to talk anymore, and then trying the ultimate last-ditch effort: “BUT WAIT, I HAVE MONEY.”

I fly tooOkay, that’s all the creepery for now!

Have you guys tried Tinder or OkC? Any interesting experiences?

I recently found this tumblr, “Creepy White Guys” and want to give all women a hug and then weep, because wow.

Also, any pole news? I’ve been choreo-cramming for a belly dance show this week, so I’m super-slacking on pole stuff.



    • It’s very hit or miss! but… it’s kind of great only talking to people you know are attracted to you! and you find out pretty quickly which ones are jerks, so it’s not so bad. and when it IS bad… at least it’s entertaining 😉

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