Can you spot the mess-up?

SO this is from like a week ago when I was working on a new floorwork routine (hence the legwarmers and the low camera angle). I’m working on finishing my freestyles instead of stopping every time I mess up (or when my leg warmers fall down), so I kept rolling. Smooth, right? 😉

Moral of the story: KEEP DANCING. Earlier in this video I snagged one of of my warmers on the floorboard, but I went with it, and when I went back to watch the vid, It totally looks like a purposeful, sexy pause. I would have hated myself if I stopped over something so small!

oh and here’s the floor work routine I was practicing (but didn’t bother posting before because it’s sooooo dark). Hard stuff, but when our instructor did it I got literal goosebumps. So imma keep pluggin!

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