Get more spin: 5 tips

Hey guys!

I got a question regarding getting more spin and I’m on my lunch break, so super super quick, here are my five tips for getting more spin out of your… spins. (I’m writing this too quickly to be a wordsmith, LEAVE ME ALONE).

Note: these are all tips for a STATIC POLE, though most of the momentum rules (long and short levers and sweeps) apply to spin too.

1. Lengthen your levers

As in, extend your arms and legs as you “fall” into a spin. The greater the weight you put into your fall/kick off motion, the faster and longer the spin.

2. …and then shorten them

As soon as you kick off the momentum, you’re going to want to pull your arms and legs in. Picture a figure skater–you know how they start a spin with their arms out and then cross them over their chests until they speed up into a tornado-like blur? That’s what you’re going for.

3. Work your walk

You never want to jump into a spin, but a good, strong three-step walk into a leg sweep (always on the outer leg, unless you’re doing an inside hook, ex: a Front Hook spin) will add some power to your “fall.”

4. Lean out

Again, the more weight you have to throw into your spin, the better. If you pull your hips away from the pole, you’re adding to your “kick off” weight as you fall. More good news: a nice saunter/lean combo looks super sexy and effortless. Just keep your head up to avoid looking like you’ve had an attack of narcolepsy.

5. Tighten your core

Good form (abs in, chest up, eyes forward) will help you stay “up” as long as possible while spinning. Sloppy form (forgetting to engage your shoulders–ie. The Dead Hang, looking down, hunching your back/core/chest) will drag you down, literally.

6. Watch the grip aid

While it’s important to have grip (never spin on sweaty hands), an overdose on Dry Hands is a sure-fire spin killer. So is too much squeezing from body parts other than your hands (like a behind the knee catch on a Back Hook or ankle grab on a Fireman). If you find your spins coming to a dead stop in mid-air, do a quick check-in with your contact points and make sure you’re keeping things light.

That’s all for now–hope this helped! And if you have any spin tips or tricks, please feel free to share them below.


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