Does anyone ever dance to country music?

DISCLAIMER: I am a resident of New York City, which I think is one of the only cities in the United States that does not have a country radio station.

I am not a fan of country (mostly).

I am also not a fan of guns, pick-up trucks, large dogs, casual references to Jesus, etc, that many country songs contain. Though I do enjoy whiskey.

That said… I kind of like Miranda Lambert.

AM I HAVING AN IDENTITY CRISIS. Anyway, I was really, really tired of the hip hop, and while coding yesterday (yes, still doing that project, IT SHALL LAST FOREVER), I switched over to country music on Pandora.

And I.. I didn’t hate some of it.

(Except for Luke Bryan. He is everything I hate about country music poured into a person mold. And Rascall Flatts should just entitle all of their songs “This Is a List of Similes”)

Anyway, I got to thinking about pole (which I do it every 7 seconds, like men with sex), and started jotting down the name and band every time I heard a might-work-for-pole track.

Here’s what I came up with. You might totally hate it. Or it might make you think about your pole game in a different way and be totally refreshing!

1. I Feel a Sin Coming On, Pistol Annies

Miranda Lambert is in Pistol Annies. Did I mention that I love her?! I f***ing love her. You’re my spirit animal, ML!

2. Blowin’ Smoke, Kacey Musgraves

Okay I’m seeing a pattern in my country musics tastes: sassy women!

3. Undo It, Carrie Underwood

I know that feel, Carrie. Also, any relation to Frank? (soooooo much House of Cards).

4. Downtown, Lady Antebellum

I remember reading that Antebellum means “before the war,” and that a lot of country music celebrates that time (during which slavery was a thing), and that that’s kind of racist. Lady Antebellum got some crap for this. Anyway, I like this song. (This is becoming stream of consciousness because I’m exhausted).

6. Done, The Band Perry

I LOVE THE SHIT OUT OF THIS SONG. Kimberly Perry is so damn sassy. Bless her heart. (Not the correct usage?)

Okay that’s my list. Are you guys ready to disown me for these selections? Or do MOST people really like country music and I’m just in this geographical bubble so I don’t realize it?

HT 🙂

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