Easy, homemade body scrub for pole days

I made the scrub and put it in Mason Jars because I live in Brooklyn.
I made the scrub and put it in Mason Jars because I live in Brooklyn.

Alright, we’re in the home stretch of winter, and thank god because it is kiiiiiiiilling me. I’ve been poling more often than ever, hitting the studio on the way home from work several days a week. But, sadly, that means a shower with no lotion in the mornings.

Which sounds like 1st world problems, but when you’re stretching, and you can literally feel the skin on your sides breaking… it’s bad news bears.

Luckily, I just remembered BODY SCRUB.

I made a batch with this totes awes recipe from the Idea  Room to go with my Christmas presents this year (see picture to the right), and it finally occurred to me to make some for myself.

Guys, game changer. The scrub sloughs off the dry spots so the oil can really soak in, and then most of the oil itself goes safely down the drain. Unlike lotion, any residual oil really doesn’t come out of your pores when you sweat at a class, so it’s compatible for dance days. If you’re nervous, try it the night before, but it’s been fine for me so far.

I got kind of fancy and made stripes of blue and white scrub for my Christmas presents, but really, you can be basic here–just sugar and oil, of any kind, if you like. You kind of can’t screw this up. That said, making it to the letter is divine.



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