Extension/Flexibility Photo Diary: Before Ballet

ok, so, BALLET. Here are my before pictures! They are not great, which is the point! I’m doing now what I always wish I did six months later, which is: record how shitty I looked before working really hard and improving.

Oh and also a short video where I talk and have poor balance. See, this is why I need ballet.

A few points on what I’m hoping to achieve, and how it relates to pole:

Stronger feet–and better balance while on up on my toes. I think this will improve pole lines, and also help me with push offs and floor moves like pirouettes. Also, PURPOSEFUL FEET, SON. I don’t remember who wrote about that (Nina?), but, that post kind of changed my life and made me a slightly OCD dancer. I love it. I just want more physical control of my feet (and hands!) to match my obsession with them.

Extensions, Extensions, Extensions. Thinking you did something with beautifully straight legs and then seeing bent knees all over the video is TRAGIC. I’m hoping ballet will get my quads up to par, and of course, give me a greater range of motion.

Flexibility, especially in my back and arms. Seriously, T-Rex arms… not cute. And I’d love to get my arch game up so I can do the Figure Skater on spin mode and take my layback into a Crescent.

General grace, elegance, and body awareness. I want more control, in everything from poses and holds to just plain walking.

So, 10 classes, starting now. Garnet, my friend who made this video for me, came up with this nonsense about weekly updates (I NEVER SAID THAT GARNET), but, it’s in print now and it will keep me accountable, so, SIGH, I’ll probably do weekly updates. PROBABLY. Don’t get mad if I can’t!



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