The next chapter of my 2014 cross training is…. (A STRONG HINT)


Okay, cat’s out of the bag: I’ve been watching too much Dance Academy (Australian TV dramas, why you so compelling?!!) and now I’ve decided I desperately need to take ballet classes.

Lest you think it’s a whim, this is definitely happening. I have the Groupon, the slippers… it’s on. And soon to be popping.

I’m thinking of taking some before and after shots of a few things to see if 20 classes makes a difference in my flexibility,  strength and extensions, so, let’s make that my goal for the weekend. I don’t have any illusions about getting on pointe in 3 months, but I’d love to be able to lift and hold each leg out gracefully at waist-level. Goals!

Anyway, I’m excited!! And my mom was so. fucking. thrilled. After years of belly and pole she’s so glad I’m doing something in clothing. This is for you mom!

Is this the worst idea ever? Have you guys ever taken ballet? I’m hoping to get more control on spins/turns for belly dance too, so I think this is going to mean 360 degree improvement on my dancing, even if I hate every minute. And I have a feeling I will. (This is going to be a lot like yoga in the pain/boredom departments, isn’t it?)

(Seriously, fuck yoga).






    I think I secretly want to learn ballet. But I think you are right about the pain part!

    You should watch Center Stage (again?) 🙂

    • LOL good call on “again”… I’m probably on my 19th or 20th viewing at this point :p

      Also, you should know that I have decided this is you based on your name:

      (on the right, obviously… but I chose this picture because CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW HOT CHRISTIAN IS?!!!!)

  2. I love Dance Academy. My friend put me on to it on Netflix!

    I took a ballet class and like it but didn’t love it. I recently started a 30-day hot yoga challenge. I’m on day 16 and my downward dog split has gotten so much better. I should have taken a before picture. I used to not care about yoga at all, but hot yoga is where its at!

    Go on and get your Misty Copeland on!

    • They need to get season 3 up!!!!! Hot Yoga I think I could get down with… there’s an extra thing going on, which is heat, which makes it more interesting. I’m definitely taking before and pics, SO JELLY of your dds progress, mine suck HARD. but dish, you drink like a gallon of water before class or somethin’? I heard a rumor you can’t have any water during…

      • According to my body weight I need about 70 ounces a day. So I try to drink 2 bottles of water throughout the day before class and then two after. I take small sips during class — no guzzling! The heat does add a fun challenging element. I took a regular yoga class and just wasn’t moved. I need sweat in mah eye!

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