Hey guys, if you can pull up, please post a video, because I hate Fox News!!!

Okay, so, they actually DIDN’T say anything too offensive this time, but the whole “women can’t do pull ups thing” makes me itchy, and I hate that they did a whole segment on it. Even if Megyn Kelly DID point out that upper body tends to be neglected in women-oriented workouts. (Actually, mentally going through my mom’s workout video collection from when I was a kid, she has a point… Buns of Steel… Buns and Thighs of Steel… Buns and Abs of Steel… the list continues).

Here’s the video:

I guess the thing is, all “our” fitness is geared towards achieving a certain standard of beauty (whittled waist, high bum, slender legs) as opposed to building army-strong muscles–or even just get-through-life-more-easily muscles. I also blame the just-can’t-kill-it misconception out there that if you train your shoulders and chest, you’ll look like a female body builder. Which is just stupid.

Anyway, the UPA is advocating that pole be used to train women who need to pass the fitness test, but honestly… just have ladies climb shit. It’s practical (ie, similar to what they might actually need to do out in the field), and effective. Or install that Oona wall in army gyms, because obvi it’s working for her.

You know what? I’m going to go in the other direction and say maybe DO NOT have women pole dance to try to get into the army, because that’s kind of horrible. Men get to train normally, but women have to do scantily clad dance classes? That’s weirdly condescending, unless both sexes do it. In which case HOLLA, because you guys all know how I feel about men on the pole. (I FUCKING LOVE IT).

So, please post a video of you being a pull-upping bad ass! You can do it here (which I would love), or post it to the UPA Facebook page (in which case you betta LINK bitch, because I really want to see!)

Love and strong upper bodies!



  1. Oooh, I want to write something about this too. One of my best friends trains military people and he did a lot of research about why women “can’t” do pullups. The answer he found is that there isn’t a reason. Just lack of practice. Anyways, I love this, and I totally want to do a pull-up video. If I get around to it I’ll totally link to you!

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