Today’s pole song brought to you by The Polar Vortex of Death

…which shall be henceforth referred to as WINDQUAKE 2014. Because that icy, icy wind, mang… it’s shaking the windows and howling, and it totally tried to burn my face off earlier.

Don’t know about how cold you guys are, but right now in New York City, it’s 10 degrees with wind chills of -15 degrees (that’s in Fahrenheit, for all my foreign friends!). I’m sitting at my desk in a long sleeve silk undershirt, button down, sweater, fur-lined hoodie, scarf, tights, knee socks, pants, and snow boots. And that’s INDOORS (still thawing).

So anyway, blow me, Vortex! PLAY THE TRACK.

XOXOXOXO and a virtual shot of vodka to keep you warm (because it’s SIBERIAN cold out there),



  1. bwahahahahaha! windquake!! thats exceptional! it absolutely sucks for you but what an amazing word. we are windy but its 8 degrees Celsius here so for scotland thats bordering on balmy =]
    keep warm chick!

  2. Around here it hit -20 recently. The fuck? This is Missouri! Anywho, I don’t love the lyrics in this one but damn, that is a HOT groove! Now I gotta go check out all their stuff! Thanks!

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