In pictures: OOPS.

So today, I woke up, looked around my tidy, scented, humidified apartment, and felt really satisfied with myself.

Cathy, (I addressed myself in my head) you mean to say, you bought and hauled home two suitcases of presents, spent quality time with your family and new niece, worked overtime and freelanced at your two old jobs AND are killing it at your new job?

AND you cleaned?!!!

And lit some classy-ass aromatherapy candles?!

Well fuck. You haven’t forgotten to do ANYTHING.


I organized my fucking scarves!

But… why do I have this nagging feeling that something fell by the wayside?



Okay now I’m getting anxious…DID I forgot something? I can’t shake this nagging feeling. And the feeling seems to be coming from the upper left quadrant of my subconscious.

OH YEAH: I forgot about pole.

Like, completely. I also forgot about my blog.

I even forgot to put on pants. (Just kidding, that was on purpose, because blizzard, holla, NO PANTS TODAY).

Anyway, whatever, back on the horse, I got this! Except, wait. This doesn’t feel right.

How does this thing work again?


Pole, why you so SLIPPERY?!! And cold?!! And requiring of strength, grace, and line that I no longer possess?

Pole, it’s only been a month. Seriously?

My feelings about pole now, generalized.

I should have seen this coming after I tried to hoop on Sunday, and my abs are STILL TOO SORE TO SNEEZE PROPERLY on Wednesday.

So the moral of the story is, don’t take 38 days or so completely off and expect to be where you were. Everything will be different. Hey, it’s not my fault! Blame pole. She is a FICKLE, FICKLE BITCH.

I guess I need to start from the bottom (NOW WE HERE, heh), but, honestly, I needed the break. It was glorious. And I DID at least stay in shape, albeit a little weaker in the grip areas. (NB: It’s hard to train your hands and the backs of your knee  outside of the pole studio… especially when you’re not putting any effort in. Because training the muscles behind your knees never occurred to you. Until you fell out of a marley).

The good news is, I’m doing really well and I’ve been having a blast! My bellydance troupe has had tons of shows–

(Exhibit A)

Dan Bracaglia took this! Thanks, Dan!

AND… I got to spend time with my FAVORITE CHICKS EVER: my sisters and Aunts… (Rachel, my little, blonde sis calls this photo “Prom night”)


And also, I spent a ton of time making stupid noises at THIS little lady, who is my favorite, because she learned how to take her socks off and put them in her mouth. Observe, the bliss of a baby chewing on a used sock:



And then she also took a bath in the sink, which was too adorable to look directly at. Seriously, you might want to poke a hole in a cardboard box before you see this.


…and then she hit my mom in the face like, GRANDMA, YOU’RE IN MY SHOT. Which was totally the best.


So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’ve been doing really well, and I’m sorry I was a bad poler and blogger. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. There have been a lot of wonderful distractions, but I officially resolve (TM, 2014) to apply myself much more!!

How the hell is everybody?!! Please tell me if you made progress or got cool pole presents for the holidays. Errebody on the blog send piiiiiiiics.

<3<3<3 and happy 2014!!!



  1. Just wanted to say I love your sense of humour! Your posts are hilarious. Gold star fo’ dat.
    Sometimes pole and blogging has to take a back seat when the rest of your life is ridiculously awesome 🙂

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