Just in time to completely miss Halloween… is “Scary Sexy” a thing?

OMG I just saw Alethea Austin’s casually awesome new vid on YouTube, and it got me wanting to shake up my dance style.

Current style: Soft, pretty, a little slinky, lyrical-ish with a bit of stank on it (ie: booooootay, in small doses).

Not-my-style-but-I’m-considering-it: Badass, bawdy, agressive. Or maybe emo-dramatic. Or just balls out flexy, sexy, bling blang bloww.

She was scaring people by jumping on couches BEFORE Tom Cruise.
Street cred: she was jumping on couches BEFORE Tom Cruise.

(I’m going to stop now because I’m making up words).

The thing is, I think I’m scared to try stuff from these “style categories” because, pole is pretty shocking to people as it is. Dare I be aggressive? Overtly sexual? Dramatic? In ADDITION to being on a pole? Oh my gosh, I don’t know. That’s… a lot.

Setting aside pole for a second, here’s what I associate with different kinds of “Might Scare People A Little” sexiness:

Exhibit A: Confrontational Sexy

Remember Scary Spice? Who I found shocking and confusing, as a child? She was always sticking her tongue out like Miley Cyrus and wearing shiny, uncomfortable looking outfits! (Actually, that might have been all of the Spice Girls). And in hindsight, it was probably a little racist that they made the only black spice girl the abrasive one that “scared people.” 😐 I need to think about this.

Exhibit B: Depressed Sexy

All those creepy, sad, emo girls in rock videos circa the oughts. They’re all strung out and thin and pale, and self destructive, and possible already dead! Ahhh! Spooky! And also very de sex? I guess? Depending what you’re into? I’m exclusively referring to the Breaking Benjamin “Diary of Jane” video.

Exhibit C: DGAF Sexy


Kelly Clarkson, just, throughout that whole My December period, rolling around in the mud in a wedding gown. Because everyone knows angry hot girls are TERRIFYING. This also includes women who are sexy, but like, for themselves? They don’t really care if you’re feelin’ it, because THEY are feelin’ it? Alethea, Pantera… lookin’ at you ladies.

Anyway, if you were going to be emo/rock’n’roll/heroin chic for a dance, what kind of music would you play?

I was REALLY feeling Alethea’s music, so this is my shiny new NIN pole playlist:

1. I’m Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally

I’ve actually danced to this before–but not on the pole! Bastet did a super creepy duo belly dance to this back in the day. I can’t help picturing lots of rolls and chest pops to it. It’s a very grind-friendly song.

2. Everyday is Exactly the Same

I know I’ve included this in another playlist somewhere, but, it’s worth re-mentioning.

3. All the Love in the World

This one’s creepy and slooooooow.

4. With Teeth

This song is dark, but weirdly boppy and energizing. DIG.

5. The Lines Begin to Blur

ANGRY pole music. You need tall, scary shoes for this.

6. God Given

This one takes a little time to get going, it’s really cool and almost techno-pop-sounding.

7. Capital G

Pretty baby with the hiiiigh heels on… oh wait, different song.

Did everybody have a good Halloween? Piiiiics of your costume or it didn’t happen.



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