I’m aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive (as in, no, I didn’t die (!!))

Quick, enjoy this clip of 1980’s Xanadu while I come up with some stuff to tell you about!

I hope that was sufficiently weird for everyone.


You know how sometimes you go through periods of talking about stuff and not really doing it, and then you go periods of doing stuff and not really talking about it?

I have been doing the latter, and you guys would be SO proud of me. I feel like an actual… dancer. This is sort of what my schedule has been like (post day-job, naturally): 

Mondays: 2 hours belly dance (class and a Fireblossom’s rehearsal)

Tuesday: Night job… with a little stretching and Fireblossom’s routine running as soon as my shift is up (I work in a gym with small dance studio area)

Wednesday: 3 hours Bellyqueen rehearsal (for the upcoming Silk Roads show), followed by an hour of pole class

Thursday: Night class! I’m learning Digital Marketing, you guys! No dancing 🙁

Friday: 3 hours Bellyqueen rehearsal, an hour of pole class

Saturday: Flexibility class, pole class, Fireblossoms routine drilling with K

Sunday: Pole class, hoop class, hula hoop class (this is my work study day so I hang out at the studio for several glorious hours and sneak into classes, muhahahaha)

…And then I wake up very sore on Monday and do it all over again. Oh and I’ve been RUNNING. Wat?!!! I truly have no idea what’s gotten into me lately. I just feel very in my body and out of my head lately. It’s cool.

Anyway, here’s some stuff I learned about constantly exercising:

1. Stretching after is MANDATORY

I’m not really a huge fan of stretching before a workout unless it’s part of an official warm up. But after, when I’m all warm, and I know I’m gonna be stiff for the next very full day of stuff tomorrow? You bet your ass I’m stretching. Also, not stretching when you’re all warm and don’t have to be anywhere? Wasted flexibility-building opportunity.

2. Eating is TOTALLY mandatory

I started noticing that two hours into Bellyqueen’s 3 hour rehearsals is impromptu dancer lunch time… and I was the only one not eating while everybody else was busting out sandwiches and fruit salads n’shit. These girls dance for a living, so I think it’s safe to take their cue on making time to fuel up.

3. You really have to listen to your body

I have so much physical stuff going on that I really can’t afford to get injured right now. I’m learning to take my ego out of it and walk away from a pole move if I can feel I’m not getting it and it’s straining the wrong places. You can always try again tomorrow, it’s not that serious. And it’s certainly not worth having an arm or a leg out of commission for a week.

So what has everybody else been up to?! Any new developments? I’m working on my extended butterfly, flying choppers (yes, the ones that gave me a car crash bruise last year), some spin combos, and my archnemesis, aerial choppers (I think I finally have it on my left side, it’s just… very slow). I’m also trying to trap/shoulder-mount out of inverts instead of sliding to help build those core muscles up and get more control. So far so good!

Anyway, FILL ME IN–what’s new?




  1. you are like WAY busy! damn right we are proud of you girl! you are going to do fantastically! glad you are getting back to pole =] burnout over?

    I learned some more beginner stuff, still struggling with holding a carousel, I reckon it’s because i’m overweight and not really capable of holding my bodyweight with just my hands = I’ve got my pole finally so that was helping for a bit… Had some killer bruises, posted a pic on here last week and I have pretty much ruined my rotator cuff on both sides so i’m on rest duty for a week! booo! =[

    It’s nice to have you back =]

    Bev x

    • Ugh, I feel you on supporting your body weight with your hands! I’m learning elbow grips now, which our instructor says should be easier than a half bracket grip. LIES :p it burns like a mofo! I’m really sorry to hear about your RC… is that carousel-related? Honestly, that thing is really tough on your joints and forearms, I hope you’re taking it easy! Thanks for the sweet note and HEAL UP SOON! 😀

      • everything burns these days lol, climbing is wrecking me lol. I’m gonna go with yes on the carousel damage, I have been totally overdoing it since i got my pole just cos i have one and can lol taking it as easy as a I can with a three stone toddler who is going through a phase of only letting mummy pick her up =] x

  2. omg, you’re going to have arms of STEEL, lady! For climbing, make sure you’re gripping at your knees and ankles, NOT at your thighs–and don’t be afraid to let your torso come away from the pole as you push up. That should take some of the stress off your shins (which is where I’m assuming you’re bruising). Good luck and KEEP AT IT–it gets so much easier, I promise.

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