“Too late to back out now!”

Oy, first big belly dance show coming up since the spring, and also the debut of my New Costume.

,,,which I have not put on since my mom sewed a new back into it (because flashing people is bad, thanks mom!), since I am scared. I’m eyeing it right now. It’s sitting in the corner, bein’ all green and sparkly and mocking me.

Some people in pole and belly dance (actually, scratch that, MOST people) completely live for the costumes. Both are glamorous, girly types of dance, with plenty of sparkles and boob-age allowed (nay, DEMANDED). So naturally, belly and pole alike tend to attract girly-girls who tweak out on that stuff. Cool, fine. Not me.

I am terrorized by it.

I’m always having a blast and totally confident right up until I have to put on the costume, and them I’m all, can’t I just wear what I practice in? Please? PLEAAAAASE?I’m kind of dreading the day where I’ll have to graduate to poling in a sports bra for the extra grip. Ugh.

Anyway, big show is WEDNESDAY. K and I always do a Final Video of where we’re at when we practice, so here is is… minus the dancing, because that ish is top secret! You’ll have to come toΒ the showΒ to see it πŸ˜‰

How do you guys feel about costumes or cute dance gear altogether? I feel like a lot of girls get a charge from it, like Superwoman in her cape. It’s always kind of startling for me though, because it’s a huge reminder that PEOPLE WILL BE LOOKING AT ME. Ahhh. Spooky.

Okay, g/g ignore my costume and keep the dream alive via ignorance that I will look a certain way in it. Wish me luck for Wednesday!!




  1. That little video was GREAT – so cute. I’m mixed about costumes. I like the idea of them but if they aren’t as comfortable as practice clothes (and how could they be?) then I’m constantly worrying about them. Hmm, maybe we should wear them to practice in. Then we might not notice we’re in them when we’re in the spotlight.

    • dude, EXCELLENT idea. I’m a frequent victim of BWP: blanking while performing. which is especially annoying because it’s always in the easy places I KNOW I have the dance down. I think a large part of that is that everything feels different under lights and in a heavy, scratchy, foreign-feeling costume. you’ve inspired me to face my fears and practice in it tonight!! thank you!! PS. I have yet to officially perform anything on the pole yet (most likely because there’s no hiding in a crowd like with belly dance)… what’s the standard costume? bikini lookin’ thing? because if so, this face 😐

      • Dude. I’ve never performed on stage! But sometimes my class does “themes” and we dress up and it’s always awkward as hell because I warm up and do class in reg clothes then change right before my freestyle at the end. So for me “perform” is with a small p not a big P. I want to perform but only freestyle and theres no place to do that I am SO proud of you for trying this. I can’t wait to hear if this trick works tonight!

        • lol @”awkward as hell”… that’s how I feel about all forced class freestyles, even without the added weirdness of changing into a costume. I just can’t relax and get sexy next to other people!! it feels… incestuous. PS. that totally counts as performing, little p’s be damned!! πŸ˜€

  2. I loooove costumes! Every time I start planning a new routine, one of the first things I envision is my costume, hair, and makeup. It really helps me get into a creative space to choreograph! I also love sewing my own costumes when possible, although I usually end up buying the bottoms because sewing good-fitting bottoms is hard πŸ˜›

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