So this happened…


My ceiling is too low to do a full shoe clap (not that I’m wearing shoes), but, just, use your imagination and make it mentally really epic. I have to go tend to a very bruised collarbone now 😀 WHEEEEE


    • aw man! ice pack =] lesson learned! I have a weird collar bone thing I don’t like people touching it, I don’t like touching it… or thinking about it lol. I hope the burning dies down soon chick =] x

  1. SO AM I!! It’s one of those things where you just have to put the fear of falling out of your mind and go for it, without holding back, or it doesn’t work. I definitely reccommend having a spotter for the first couple of tries so you can really go full force. Then when you know how it should feel, you can do it on your own. that said, aaaaalways TUCK YOUR CHIN until your legs are safely secured in the invert, so that if you fall flat on your back (as I did) your neck is protected.

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