On hiatus to baptize my niece (Godmother, holla!) in my hometown, and hang out with this bad influence, aka my sister.


And here’s the little bug after gettin’ dunked:


On an unrelated note, the club we were at last night had poles on stage, and I was really tempted to just run up, do a trick, and run back down. But I was in a dress, and I was more concerned about showing my underpants than anything else, so, I didn’t. They had a pretty sick aerialist though, and when I get back to town and find my camera USB cord I’m posting the vid!!

So, question… have you guys ever hit the pole at a club? I’ve been to a few places in the city now that are equipped and  I get the itch every time… but I also feel like that’s a tad skankalicious. Yay or nay?




  1. I have only been to one club that had pole – in Cancun, and I was there on spring break. When I walked in there were a couple of girls standing around the pole, kinda attempting some body waves but not really doing much, so I walked up to them and asked if they would mind me giving it a try. They let me at it, but I don’t think any of them actually expected me to know what I was doing:P I ended up playing around on the pole for a couple of hours on and off, and even got a shoutout from the DJ, so that was fun 🙂

    I think the skankalicious factor depends a lot on the club, the crowd, and what you’re wearing. Inverting and showing the whole club your underwear is not exactly classy, but if you’re wearing shorts or something else pole-friendly then I’d say have at it! 🙂

  2. i have just been informed that loads of clubs i go to have poles, i’ve never even noticed lol! I don’t think I have the girl balls to open myself up to mass criticism lol! plus I can’t do this stuff sober forget drunk lol!

    Congrats on the baptised niece godmom! she is beautiful =] xx

    • hahahaha compared to what the other girls do on them (hold the pole, bend over), you could blow people away. seriously, just a little fireman spin is so impressive to the general public… I’m always tempted to try, sober or not 😉 and thank you, she’s lovely when she’s not screaming her head off! 😀

      • I have a little one so I know that feeling 🙂
        I think I might if I ever get a night out in the next couple of months I might stay sober enough to have a go before I get too fuzzy lol 🙂

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