You should see: CryStylze

I love this girl because she is crisp like freakin’ celery. Unlike most polers who kinda flow around the music, you can see her hear and hit every beat. She works syncopation and plays with it (like with the little cha-chas), which, as a drummer, I loooooooooooooove. Very refreshing to watch after all the slinky flow vids I’ve been binge-ing on. 

Oh, and if you saw her at Polesque a few months ago pretending to dance drunk, you know she’s an incredible storyteller. Girl gives pole an excellent name in the dance world. That rhythm… those lines… ugh, so great. Check her out!


  1. I looove Crystal! I first saw her videos from Southern Pole Championship last year, and have been stalking her ever since. I just love her musicality!

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