Quick question… and a quickie weekend playlist!

First things first….

OKAY, now that that’s out of the way… 😀

So, for my marketing class, I have to make a promo video advertising my teaching services.

Um, because I hate that idea, I thought I would instead just do a quick tutorial vid on a basic/intermediate move and then be all, “LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK” in the last second of the video. Because fuck promos, right?

I was thinking of breaking down the Jenyne climb, because I still get lots of questions and comments on that. Would you guys want to see that, or something else? A basic spin, invert, pose, etc?

I LIVE TO PLEASE. Lemme know, guys 🙂

Oh, and this is totally unrelated, but I’m dancing my BUNS off to these songs, that have nothing at all in common or to do with each other. I hope you get some good freestyles out of them because I certainly have!

1. I’ll Make Love to You (Remix), Boyz II Men

SHUT UP I LIKE THEM. This is the remix. You’re welcome. NB: I had this on cassette tape in 1997.

2. Somebody Else, Mario

Feeling this so hard. Sounds like nothing else on the radio now… fresh.

3. Body Party, Ciara

Sweet, sexy… it’s like musical chocolate covered pretzels.

4. Girls Love Beyonce, Drake

Because a little Drake was mandatory…

5. Closer, Kings of Leon

Okay, not even going to pretend that I didn’t get the idea to dance to this from the fabulous Michelle Shimmy… so here she is in all her glory!

Have a great weekend, guys!

<3 <3 <3,


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