Pole and your FEET.

My foot is NOT IMPRESSED with my pole dancing accessories.

I know right?

Not something you think would really be the focus of pole–what it’s like for your feet.

But all the toe pointing and heel-wearing and foot dragging can really do a number on your tootsies.

I mean, let me just flat out make a list:

1. It destroys my toe-polish, but JUST on  my big toe.

Like, what? Actually I know exactly why this happens, I drag my toe when I walk (pole walk, that is). Whatever, it looks hot. Sacrifices!

2. It makes my big toe/arch spasm

All the toe pointing in pole makes my arches/big toes freak out and cramp… which is not a good look when you’re in a graceful pose, your foot just twitching and flexing into a claw formation… ugh. And it’s PAINFUL.

3. I have gotten huge bubbly blisters on the balls of my feet

Actually, this was just one time, when I was working REALLY hard on my pirouettes, and my pole was in a room with carpet. That said, the balls of my feet still get warm/sensitive/burny when I’m doing a lot of flow work, which is annoying.

Ahh, that’s better. PS. the winter-time alternative to Yoga Toes are THESE SOCKS OF SEXINESS. Whatever, they feel so good you guys…

4. General ugliness

Dusty floors, mang. They dry your feet into these hobbity husk things. It’s like your feet are wearing leather jackets, but, like, made from your own dried foot skin. Ew. Also, your feet get DIRTY.

5. Top of the foot bruises

Ugly, and not a great combo with slip on shoes.

Does that about cover it? Okay, so here’s what I do for each of the above foot issues (and if you have solutions, be a good person and share your tricks in the comments!!!):

1. Wear clear/light-colored polish

So that one worn down spot at the top of each big toe nail is less obvious.

2.  Wear Yoga Toes all. the. time.

(And check out Kim’s awesome post on cramping…)

I even sleep in them, which I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do. But most helpful of all, I point and flex my toes while wearing them, and that seems to retrain/strengthen my foot muscles to like, point the way they should, without getting confused and cramping. (I’M NOT A DOCTOR OKAY). Oh PS, you don’t need the real ones, knock offs are good too!

3. Stop pirouetting so damn much.

I mean seriously, half the problems I have with injuries/bruises/discomfort is a direct result of ignoring my body’s signals and pounding away at whatever I’m working on way. too much. Alternatively, you can just live with the temporary pain and let your skin get tougher, which works too.

4. Oy, not much.

I mean like, Ped Egg and the classic vaseline/socks combo helps with dryness. But that really doesn’t solve the problem of having to put yucky black feet into your super cute new sandals after a class. Yucky. You’re on your own, girl.

5. Flip flops and PRIDE

Bruises are our badges of honor! That doesn’t change just because they’re on your feet.

Okay so your turn… any foot weirdness from pole?

I kinda hate heels except for photo ops, but I’m sure they wreak all kinds of havoc…




  1. I just came across this blog and love it – so hilarious and helpful! For bruises, I swear by arnica gel. Do you guys use that? Really does help.

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