Hey party people!

Good news and bad news:

The good news is, I CAN DO A MARLEY.


Er, like, side-calf. Where your calf connects to something hard and probably important on the side of your leg.

Like, you know that cute little line down the outside of your calf? Yeah, that’s where things are ALL messed up.

I did the successful Marleys (BOTH SIDES) a week ago and felt something kinda… spasm… when I grabbed my feet. Now I can’t even crouch without falling over in a dramatic fashion, clutching my leg and making a crazy pain face.

…so what did I do?!!!! Have you guys experienced this? All my CPT friends insist on foam rolling the crap outta me, but it’s not helping 😐

Anyway, I hope I heal soon because GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT: my freelance photog friend is going to help my document some of my tricks!

I’m super jazzed about somebody else taking pictures of me because the better my tricks get, the worse I am at taking capturing them. I mean, I can’t really get into a butterfly or marley before the 10 second timer on my camera goes off and not break my neck, you dig? So it’s been difficult trying to track my progress. Which is sad, because SHOWING OFF: I love it.

Anyway, what’s everybody working on? Are we all wussing out because it’s hot and nobody feels like doing anything difficult?

I have an air conditioner this summer for the first time in 6 years of living in New York, so, I’m really excited that I can practice at home this year! (And without coating my entire body in Dry Hands (!!)).

Fill me in: what’s new?



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