“Snowden’s Girlfriend is a Pole Dancer!”: and other thoughts on hiding.

Snowden’s girl. D’OSE THIGHS.

…that’s the first sentence somebody said to me when I got into work today. Of course, I had to clarify, “Wait, she’s a stripper, or a pole dancer? Because there’s a difference. Also, good morning!”

“She’s a pole dancer,” he said, “she has a blog!”

Welp, it looks like that blog is probably getting totally overwhelmed by curious people looking for PICTURES (IS SHE HOT IS SHE HOT), so, I guess let’s all discuss this more as things develop?

Meanwhile… do you guys ever worry that you’ll end up in politics and then your hobbies will come back to haunt you?

This type of thing has happened to me several times, but in different ways. Like that time this real estate agent was showing me the apartment I moved into. He asked all kinds of questions about my life on our first walk-through (being stupidly honest, I just told him I’m a writer and dance instructor, instead of making something up), which I guess led to him investigating me a little further. Probably by searching my name and the word “dance.” SUPER SPY.

Naturally, on our second meeting, he blurted out (while alone in his car with me, for extra creepiness), “So… WILL THERE BE ROOM FOR A POLE IN THIS PLACE??”



Ah, congratulations, sir. You’ve learned the fine art of search engines! How embarrassing for me that you have discovered that I pole dance!

I had to endure a few repulsive comments about how much my boyfriend must LOVE this (I don’t have a boyfriend, I told him, which only prompted a conversation about how I should use it to get one), but throughout the whole gross meeting I made one thing clear: I’m not hiding.

I mean, if I were, I probably wouldn’t have a blog with my name and photos plastered all over it.

In a way, yeah, it sucks being vulnerable to the wrong kind of attention. People think they can scroll through a few pictures and jokes about what I’m up to and know me, or worse, judge what kind of person I must be.

I guess in this age of Facebook, that was going to happen anyway. So I might as well celebrate something I love.

But then there’s the other stuff–the things I write about on here that I’m not super proud of. Feeling lost, falling in love with the wrong people, getting burnt out on pole, struggling…. yeah, just “struggling” pretty much covers it.

It’s not an accident that this stuff ends up posted. There’s definitely an edit button, and I’ll admit I’ve used it.

But as much as I love sharing my most flattering trick photos, I feel like it’s important to show the hard work and the mistakes and the blisters and the tears, too. In pole AND in life.

It’s not easy. Should that part be hidden?

Do you guys have any interesting “discovery” stories?

Fill me in!

Anyway, here’s what Jezebel makes of Snowden’s chick…



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