To the person stalking my blog…

I’m flattered, but a little freaked out. I know nobody cares, but visitors are about the same while hits have gone CRAY CRAY. I know I haven’t suddenly gained, like, mass appeal, so, naturally… I’m scared for my life. But thanks for reading, whoever you are! I hope it’s not hate-reading!

For everybody else: the start date for tonight’s 4-week course has been moved to next week because MY SISTER IS HAVING A BABY. WHEEEEEEEEEEEE. I LOVE YOU LINDS, GOOD LUCK!!

Also, I might be MIA until next week because wheee, baby! Being had in another state! So, I’mma go be an Aunt for a bit 🙂 See y’all on the flip side!



  1. Don’t be freaked out. You made the front page of google! Like myself the majority of your new readers are probably new to pole and looking for tips to get the hang of things quicker. Love the blog, keep it up!

    • Awww, thanks Ashley! I only got freaked out because they were looking at the same blog over and over o_O welcome to pole!! 😀 let me know if there’s any questions you’d want answered or pole community stuff you don’t get or would like addressed, I’m always curious how this stuff looks to fresh eyes!

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