Summer Beauty and The Beast (AKA your pole).

Ignore the faces. Focus on the luscious, luscious skin of summer.

Okay, this is no secret to anyone that knows me, I’m sure, but, I’m a tad vain.

You would probably not know this to see me actually poling (I can’t post the last few practice vids I have because they’re in underwear. Like, I couldn’t find shorts and I was to lazy to bother looking for them, so I just wore underwear. That is how lazy I am about looks while poling). But IRL… yeah, I like makeup, hair, and some shimmery body lotion.




So, I don’t know about you, but pale dry skin is not my look, and pole, dude, you’re killing my vibe a little. I have parties to go to and backless dresses to wear. GET IT TOGETHER, POLE.

Anyway, here are my strategies so far for upping my summer skin game while not endangering my life on my pole. (I’m being careful Mom, I swear!)

1. OIL.

Hahahaha I know what you’re thinking, that is literally the worst idea ever. But here’s the thing ladies, you put it in a bathtub of water and soak in that shit. Softens up your skin a little, but doesn’t leave a layer of any glycerin nonsense that’s going to sweat out all over your 50mm.


…the night before. Preferably with some exfoliation before hand, so you can soooooooak it up. Then just hop in the shower and rinse in the morning, real quick-like.

3. Moisturize from the INSIDE. (I said that in the voice from Zoolander… it’s IN THE COMPUTER. Did that come across?)

SO. We all know it’s important to stay hydrated while working out anyway, but tons of water is also a great way to keep flake free and look all glowy and toxin-less on the outside as well.

Also, this is going to sound a little woo-woo, but I’m a big fan of Hair/Skin/Nails vitamins. Listen, IT CAN’T HURT. Feeding your skin the building blocks of… skin… is always a good idea. SCIENCE.

4. Shimmer powder or spray

So if you’re doing the exfoliating and moisturizing at night thing (or a nice bathtub soak) your skin’s probably holding up pretty well and a quick dusting of power won’t make you look at weird and ashy. (Let’s hope). You can totally stuff made for this purpose, but I’ve made my own by crushing up some shimmery bronzer I didn’t like and shaking it with a little baby power. A quick swipe over chest, arms, and shins looks pretty (especially for night), but has no slippage side effects if your pole schedule is as unpredictable as mine. (Or you’re like a few of my friends who run to Saturday morning pole classes in Friday night’s makeup. GET IT, girls).


Oy. So for a long time I was just fruitlessly attacking my feet with a pumice thing. But let’s face it, those dusty studio floors and all the grinding into them you do with your feet (hello pirouettes) make for mutant-ass callouses. I recently graduated to a foot file (Ped Egg knock off, holla Duane Reade!) and I am never. Looking. Back. I have skin on my feet now that resembles normal skin. Not mutant dance foot skin. Combine that with some vaseline and socks over night and you are seriously set for a week. Meaning, you don’t have to lotion up your tootsies every day  just to wear sandals without scaring people. Meaning, you can dance and climb a pole to your hearts content! Wheee.

Okay ladies, so what do you do differently during somewhere when your nasty pole skin is all exposed?

I know we’re all getting stared down about the bruises. I kinda DGAF about covering them, but if you have any tricks, do share!

Happy twirls!


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