BLOG HOP, BITCH: 20 Questions with a Pole Dancer

I think the title speaks for itself. LET’S DO THIS.

1. How long have you been pole dancing?

About a year and a half? Started Fall 2011. PS. You know you have a pole problem when you have memberships at 3 different studios so no one will know how much you pole.

2. What’s your favorite song to pole dance to?

Hrm. I guess anything a little sexy that also makes me feel good and crack a smile. For that, Shoop, Salt n’ Peppa fits the bill. But I like a lot of variety.

3. What’s your favorite pole dance move?

Anything I feel like I can NAIL. Or add a hair flip/flow/some style to. So basically everything I’ve had time to get down. But I love that gasp I get out of people when drop into a recliner with no fear. NO FEAR.

4. If you have to classify your dance style, what would it be?

This is tough. I’m not really a slinky, bendy Alethea type, but not really the aerial ballerina sort either. Something in between? Sensual with strength and a few tricks?

5. What inspires your movement? Why do you dance?

I dance for ALL the reasons. I dance when I’m stressed out. When I’m not sure how I feel about something. When I’m frustrated. When I feel great. When I want to express myself. When I want to wail on my body. ALL THE REASONS.

As far as style, I still look to flow girls for inspiration. Leigh Ann, girl, I’m looking at you and your long ass legs for this one.

6. Do you study/participate in any other kinds of dancing or other kinds of training?

I have a background in belly dance which has reaaaally helped me with pole (body rolls, hello), and I’ve done a little salsa too, which I think is great for flow. That push and pull dance you do with pole is a lot like partner work… but pole is much more reliable for scheduling practice, and you never have to wonder if it’s straight or not. They make levels for that! (TEEHEE)

7. How often do you train, dance or attend class per week?

I teach twice a week, then train about twice a week.

8. Any tips for training?

Yes: GET ON THE POLE. People ask me all the time how they can look better on the pole, and the only answer is to GET YOUR ASS ON THE POLE. Don’t push yourself into tricks you’re not ready for, just get comfortable moving around, gripping, and making sweet love to your pole. Everything will look better. Serious, just log the time. If all you do is walk, YOU WILL LOOK BETTER. I PROMISE.

9. Do you train on both sides when you pole? Why or why not?

Yes, because, seriously? Train both sides of your body, don’t be stupid. Next question.

10. If you’re not a full time poler, how do you balance work and pole? Friends and pole? Life and Pole?

Hahahahahahaha. Yeah. I have 4 jobs. It’s not easy.

11. Is pole dancing, which happens to be a hobby for most, worth the investment?

Pole is literally the best thing I can ever remember doing. My body has never been in such good shape, and I never worry about keeping it up, because I couldn’t stay away from pole if I tried. It clears my head, keeps me strong, gives me a strong sense of self and tons o’ confidence. It even made my posture better. Pole 4LYFE.

12. Why did you start a pole dance blog?

Honestly, I started to get the word out that I teach because I was terrified my classes would be empty. Now I keep it up because I feel like putting the good word out is kinda my duty. You can’t just reap the benefits of an incredible sport, art form, and community without speaking up for it, right? And there’s so much trash talk out there.

13. What’s your favorite post on your pole dance blog?

The one I haven’t written yet? Onward!

14. If you teach, why did you start teaching, and how did it change your practice? If you don’t teach, do you think you’d ever want to teach? Why or why not?

I started teaching for 100% selfish reasons: to get as much time on the pole as possible. Since I work so many hours, I figured the only way I could afford to do that was to be paid to be on the pole. So, now I teach. And I surprised myself by absolutely loving it–not just the pole time, but the students, the process of helping them learn, the smiles when they get it… it’s so, so great.

As far as my training, in my classes, I teach the same curriculum over and over, so I don’t really learn unless I push myself. Teaching has been great for improving my form and style (muscle memory and pole comfort level are EVERYTHING), but it also makes me prioritize getting down to the hard stuff when I’m training on my own. I have a whiteboard of moves I’m supposed to be working on so I don’t get lazy and just dance the easy stuff at home.

15. Looking back at your life, are you surprised that you’re a pole dancer?

Yes, and no. I have a… controlled… scandalous side. If I were going to do anything risque, it makes perfect sense that it would be in a studio and I’d make a career out of it. I’m so boring, I know.

16. What’s one pole stereotype that you wish would go away?

That it’s some kind of cop out for legitimate dance. Like ballet’s lazy, slutty younger sister or something.

First off, pole is hard. It’s hard like any form of dance.

Second, when i’m dancing, I’m not having sex. I’m just f***ing dancing. So let’s lose the whole “slutty” idea, okay?

17. Best reaction when you told someone that you are a pole dancer?

I showed my dad an attitude spin and he said, “Wow, this is like gymnastics!”

18. Also, since its May… does your Mother [or any maternal person in your life] know that you pole dance and what does she think?

Of course she does. I don’t think she really gets it, but she knows I wouldn’t do something I didn’t believe in, or feel was a good place to put my energies. She trusts me, even if she doesn’t understand pole. What more could I ask for?

19. What’s your pole fantasy or dream?

Doing a show! I get scared just thinking about it, but also really, really excited. Some day!

20. Finish this sentence. Pole dancing is… the best thing that ever happened to me. And there’s still so much more to learn. 4LYFE.



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