That awkward pole moment when…

1. You’re twisted into some configuration high off the ground and you just  can’t find your hand… or your foot… or the pole.

2. You get freaked out or dizzy on spin mode and have to jump off.

3. You realize your pole shorts are too loose… as you’re spread eagle.

4. Your shirt gets caught on the pole or flies up during an inversion (and ain’t nothing you can do about it).

5. You lose your grip on a seriously basic move and look like an idiot.

6. You lose your balance and tip over while doing the sexy getting up thing.

7. You’re just not fucking sticking, argh!

8. You don’t kick into an invert with enough momentum, so you just awkwardly fall back down. Fail.

9. Your instructor urges you to lift up  your shirt and expose your stomach for a new move, and last night was Burrito Night.

10. Somebody asks you to do a freestyle and you just… blank… out.

Am I missing any?

For how sexy pole is, shit gets awkward, amiright?

I’m tired today. Here’s a video of Natasha Wang being awesome.

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