Bizarre Keys Words You People Have Used to Find My Blog (Part II)

-“diced pineapples makes vagina better”

Rick Ross seems to think so.

-“crazy sexy babe poledancing a guy and forcess him to have sex”

To person looking for really specific porn: sorry that this is what you found.

-“my underwear complaint”

No underwear, no complaints! That’s my motto. (kidding)

-“beat that pussy up dance central”

I really hope this is the name of a dance studio.

-“lady on inside edition over weight that swings on stripper pole”

Now I need to check YouTube.

-“drake pole dance shorts”

Is there a market for this? It can’t be too hard to make…

-“chair to make you look like a pole is in your ass”


-“what jane fondas for your obliques”

Was a pole dancing blog really the best result for this search? Google, you had ONE job.

-“girls hev sex and spin to other video”

More porn searches, again, sorry to disappoint.

-“ryan gosling body”

Hahaha, yes. The answer to that question is always yes.

-“omg ! you sucked too hard !”

Not touching this one.

-“christmas stripper names”


-“ugly fat pole dancer”

…and those terms led them here. BRB, crying.

-“cathy, pole dance instructor”

Awwww, you like me. You really like me! šŸ˜€

<3 HT!


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