A few of my favorite pole things…

So Angela did a great post  about her favorite non-obvious pole-cessories.DSC00320

Which made me think: I should do a post of my favorite TOTALLY OBVIOUS pole things!

Because why the hell not. In pictures, here’s some pole stuff I like a lot (and one thing I’m not crazy about):

1. Grip

Especially because my pole is the slipperiest thing ever (seriously, I’m starting to think they coat them in Astroglide at the X-Pole manufacturing plant), I could not live with out this stuff.

2. Shoes

Okay, I have a love hate relationship with these, as I am forced to teach my choreo classes in them.

I hate heels, but goddamn do they look good. (You’ll notice that the gallery has a ration of 15 to one pics of me in heels).

Weirdly, insanely high heels are much easier to pole in than normal heels. I think 6 inches just happens to be the perfect height and angle for pirouettes, grinds,  etc. as I find myself performing these moves on my tippy-tip toes all the time anyway. So in a way, they help you keep form. Also, rubbers soles=hella traction. Oh, and top of the foot protection for when you do toes slides.

One caveat: how is it so expensive to look this cheap?!! These were seriously pricey. And I had to go to a sex store to buy them. (They were next to booty shorts with dollar signs on them).

3. Gloves

Yeah, I’m actually not loving these. I got them to save my hands (mad callouses, yo) but I’m finding my own grip is better than tack. Go figure. Also, the second your hands get sweaty they slide off. Then it’s just one velcro strap away from oblivion. Oh well, they look cute.

4. Humidifier

I just feel like humidity helps me stick, OKAY?!

5. Towel

Sweaty hands.

6. Music

I don’t always listen to depressing music… but when I do, it’s probably Al Green. And I probably have something in my eye. *sniff*

7. Ipod adaptor

See gallery.

8. Toe separator sock things

Because the lady at the shoe store said the plastic would stretch and give my toes more room, but that hasn’t happened yet. And I’m worried they’re going to permanently get stuck in the shape of a triangle.

9. Tripod

For recordin’ and shit.

10. Pole goal whiteboard

To remind me of what to work on, and give me ideas when I’m stuck.

What are your favorite pole things?

Please do share so I don’t feel like a weirdo.




  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I LOVE the idea of the obvious and some of this really isn’t! You use toe socks, I use yogatoes. IMPORTANT – if you keep your toes cramped up you can wreck your feet, yo! And humidity? Hell yeah! That’s science!

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