Dear Prudence Talks Pole Dancing

…and I kind of want to hit her.


Okay, first off, I get that Prudence’s duty is to this woman and her life, and not the sport of pole dancing.

But, on behalf of the sport of pole dancing, how are we ever supposed to be legitimate when awesome, reputable people are hiding that they do it?

I mean, I get scared of what people will think sometimes. But then I remember why I do it, why I love it, the positive changes I see in people who take my classes… and I pick my head up and say “Yeah, I pole dance, and there’s nothing wrong with it.”

To be fair, I haven’t tried hoops or silks or other aerial arts. From what I’ve seen, aerial pole and these sports seem to have very similar moves.

But, not everybody is all about aerial with pole. I know I’m certainly not. Flow it my faaaaaaaaaaaavorite. If I couldn’t pirouette, sway, do some fancy footwork, spin… ew, I wouldn’t even want to do pole.

But I’m guessing Prudence (or anybody else who’s got very firm opinions on pole but who’s never tried it) would not understand that.

I believe that intent comes through, in any manner of expression, especially dance. If you use pole to express your sexuality, it’s going to look sexy (unless you’re doing something very wrong).

But if you’re using it to express, oh, I don’t know, any other color in the whole rainbow spectrum of human experiences and emotions, I think that will come through too.

Costumes can also project a lot onto a performance.

I don’t know. I think my advice to this girl would be to enter the competition, dance her ass off in the manner that suits her, and hold her head high about it.

But maybe I’m biased. What do you guys think?

No class tomorrow–we start the new schedule next week!



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