Pole Songs That Won’t Make You Puke (Part 3: The Indie/Dark Edition)

I can’t even take credit for the only truly indie song on this list, which is courtesy of a guy from work whose taste is way higher-brow than mine. (Case in point: I listened to a Backstreet Boys CD last night. 80% non-ironically. I KNOW).

1. The Gaudy Side of Town, The Gayngs

I feel like this is audio softcore porn. In a really, really good way. I love how every new verse, new layers of tones/beats/general complexity (i’m not a music writer okay?) keep developing and it gets more interesting. Just listen, I promise it won’t be just once. IT IS THE PRINGLES OF POLE SONGS.

2. Shadows, Rufus Wainwright

I recently discovered a CD I burned (yes, this was from 2004) of Rufus Wainwright’s Poses and Oh. My. God. Such beautiful music. Most of it’s totally not suited for dancing, but I’m partial to this track. I stopped dead in the middle of doing dishes to flow to this. That’s how you know it’s good. Also, that was a dead giveaway that my pole is totally in my kitchen.

3. Straight to Video, Mindless Self Indulgence

So this one’s a little creepy/dark/emo, but I dig it. It’s refreshing after all the hip hop.It’s also really slow, so hello dark, creepy, sexy dancing!

4. Psychotic Girl, The Black Keys

Another slow jam. Love the raw vocals on a mellow bass groove. Yum.

5. Every Day Is Exactly the Same, NIN

Wow, this got dark, huh? Sexy/Depressing is definitely one of my favorite combinations. It’s like sweet and salty! Anyway, heavy percussion, lots of distortion, hot.


A Backstreet Boys selection courtesy of a very weird night for my neighbors.

New schedule guys!!!! My 4-week course starts Tuesday, so sign up before it fills up (see what I did there?). Class is 1.5 hours and includes some killer core and upper body work in addition to choreo, spins, transitions that progress each week into a full length piece by the end of the course. Also, 1-1 ration of people to poles for this one, so, good stuff.

Happy twirls!


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