5 R&B Pole Songs That Won’t Make you Puke Part 2 (And Kinda Sorta the 1996 edition)

1. Enough of No Love, Keyshia Cole

I love me some KC. This chick is the queen of songs you can dance to while simultaneously crying a little.

2. Outside, The Weeknd

Is this technically R&B? Don’t know. Don’t care. The Weeknd, I’m not even going to complain that you’re missing an “e.” That’s how hot you are.

3. F***ing You Tonight, Biggie

Okay, so you know there’s always one that breaks the rules on misogynism… but come on, this is vintage. And it’s so smooth, guys. So very, very smooth.

4. Touch Me, Tease Me, Case

Like, was 1996 a really good year for me or something? I don’t know, but music from this era always makes me feel good. More vintage! Also, gotta love an Isaac Mizrahi shout out.

5. Can’t You See, Biggie and Total

Ahhhh, I can’t help it, I’m sorry.

BONUS: You Don’t Have to Be  a Prostitute, Flight of the Conchords

I mean, it’s an inspirational message. And there’s a little pole dancing. Also, JEMAINE.

Didn’t sign up for classes yet? PREPARE TO DIE. Just kidding. But, ya know, you might want to check the schedule.

Happy Twirls!


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