Bizarre Key Words You People Have Used to Find My Blog

So I finally checked my stats (through the fingers over my eyes) and found this hilarious assortment of search terms. Enjoy them, below, with my comments (because obviously, I can’t leave people looking for answers hanging, can I?!):

Key words:

“how do pole dancers vagina smells like candy?”

I don’t know… and I think you mean strippers, in which case we’re probably talking about Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret (or Champagne and Strawberries. Come on, you know it’s true).

“i pole dance and im still fat”

My condolences?

“pee pee dance from silence of the lamb”

Wait, what?

“buffalo bill silence of the lambs”

Yeah, I know what post we’re talking about.

“spices for stripper names”

That’s very specific of you, but sure: Ginger, Sporty, Baby…

“friends don’t let friends forget leg day”

I know what post that is too.

“id fuck me silence of the lambs”

Haha. It’s funny because it’s true.

“pole sit hurts”

They certainly do.

“wiggle your big toe”

You first!

“slutty girls of edc”

Hey now, thems is fighting words.

“tips for having a nasty and mean pole dancing for your guy”

Like, literally? Maybe shout insults or something at him while dancing?

“do you have to know pole tricks to be an exotic dancer”

Honey, I have no idea, but it probably couldn’t hurt.

“how does spinning pole ride”

Like a fucking BRONCO. In a bad way.

“friends dont let friends not work out legs”

I think I know what you mean, but you’re not quite there yet.

“reverse scissor butterfly kick pole dance”

You just made that up, didn’t you?

“stripper name chart”

Well I can give you some ideas, but I’m not organized enough to have a whole chart. Laminated binder, maybe, chart, no.

And now the real reason for my third post in three days: I just found out that classes are picking up again next Monday!!!!

You know I miss y’all so come see me! 😉

Happy Twirls!


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