5 RnB Pole Songs That Won’t Make you Puke: Part 1.

(Sorry guys, headlines don’t like ampersands–Rnb=R&B)

Okay so challenge accepted re: my own difficulty finding pole music: I dug around my old Pandora likes and found several songs that aren’t about bitches n’ hoes. Mostly. Except for this first one:

1. Diced Pineapples, Rick Ross Ft. Drake, Wale

Okay, this song actually is gross (I think diced pineapples is a reference to the idea that certain fresh fruits make certain forbidden fruits taste better IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.) but whatever, I can’t get enough of Drake’s hook on here. Also, it’s very female positive! Or at least vagina positive!

My only complaints here are about Rick Ross’s nasty facial hair ruining yet another sexy music video. Seriously, they film in the gorgeous, sun drenched Caribbean and all I can think about is how musty his damn face forest must smell. Stop it, Rick Ross. Just stop it.

2. Adorn, Miguel

Uuuuuuugh Miguel. Okay, I know everybody already knows this song, but COME ON. It needs a holler. This dude makes such sexy music… Vixen, Quickie… Almost sexy enough to excuse the hi-top/pompador hybrid. Get it, Miguel.

3. Closer, Corinne Bailey Rae

Love her.  +10 for a roller disco video theme.

4. I Only Want to Give It to You, Elle Varner (Featuring J. Cole)

This song makes me so happy inside that I literally walk differently when it comes on my ipod and smile at strangers, which might get me killed. Also,  J. Cole.

5. Say Yes, Floetry

Ungh. Every time I have a crush on a new guy and he walks by (unless he smells funky or something) this plays in my head.

What’s that? You can’t picture a pole dance to this?


Class tonight! 6pm Pole spins, week two–you know what to do!

Happy Twirls,

Cathy 🙂

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