Flu-pocalypse Attacks!

This is a totally unrelated photo of me as a zombie on Halloween. But also kinda a reenactment of how red my eyes have been. FLUPACOLYPSE.

Hey ladies!

First things first–I had the flu! Bought the t-shirt, went through the tissues and a bottle of Nyquil, bonafide flu-vivor over here!

Actually, for all my joking, yes, it sucked. But it was very short lived–suspiciously so, which leads me to believe that my flu shot was indeed NOT useless. I basically sweated and shivered like I had malaria for 24 hours and then felt better enough to move the next night. To a 4th floor walk up. Modern medicine! I dig it!

Anyway, wash your hands, people. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s no fun either.

But down to business. Here’s the big news: EDC’s lease is up and we’re moving!

We’re going to be in a temporary space for a minute (same neighborhood, don’t fret!), but we’ve got our sights set on a bigger, better, more permanent space, and we need your help! So if you’ve been considering taking a class or a series, now’s a great time to do it–through Indiegogo!

For the same cost of a drop in or 4-week course, you can make a donation directly to our Awesome-New-Studio cause AND score invites to the re-launch party. Oh yeah, and you’ll be helping us out, son!

I hate telling people to donate money (worst girl scout cookie salesgirl ever), but since you literally get a class out of this my conscience is clear. Especially because I know our classes are bomb. You can quote me on that.

Can’t wait to get back on the pole… I’m thinking of doing a little “last dance” vid at the old apartment, if my energy holds out.

Everybody staying healthy? I hope so. Did I mention you should wash your hands? Like, right now. Get up from your computer and find a sink, nasty! And for god’s sake, use the alcohol and your own rag in the studio. Never hurt anybody, and it certainly might help.

PS. Class tonight! Last week at the current studio, so pop in and say goodbye to our lovely space. Pole Spins is at 7:30pm and Intro (first timers!) is at 8:30. Sign up here!

Happy (and healthy!) twirls,


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