the constant problem of finding music for classes

you guys. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

How to say this. I like hip hop.

I like rap.

I shock and confuse many people with my knowledge of crip walking.

Yet, I’m sooooo not down with The Music Those Dang Kids Are Listening To These Days.

Honestly. It’s not cool anymore. I mean, why is everybody always trying to “beat the pussy up?” What did the pussy do to anybody? I can’t even.

So, the point is, I get requests in my class for 2 Chainz a lot. (I know, I find the numericals and zany misspelling of “chains” to be cool and exciting too). So, I go to pull a few songs for my ‘pod.

Here’s what I found. First few seconds of this song=head bobbing, I dig it!

Then came the verses.


Same problem with “Ball” by TI. These hoes so drunk, huh?

How can I lead a class of women through a class with shit about poppin’ pussies blasting in the background?


What the infinitesimal fuck. Seriously. I like hip hop and rap. So do my students. But why is it ALL written like women are never going to hear it? Is it really that hard for somebody to just write a single damn rhyme that doesn’t degrade and insult the ladies who just want to listen to it and dance like everybody else?

This isn’t even about feminism (although sure, we can take it there, buy me a drink some time). It’s about me wanting to play some good beats in my class and I can’t because seriously, I’m not going to have a class of my cool, smart, hard-working girls listen to shit about bitches and hoes choking on you-know-whats.

Damn it.

Okay, I feel better now.

Can you guys recommend any good pole songs? My chicas tend to like hip hop/R&B and my playlist is getting stale, but I seriously can’t find anything that’s not really gross and offensive. Like choking on dicks.

Class tonight, 7pm, Beginner Spins (week one)!

Be sure to sign up @ our new site–

Much love and happy twirls!


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  1. Interesting point. I recently have been trying to cut out negative messages- from music and other media- and music is definitely the hardest. A lot of music with really great beats is really offensive. As far as suggestions- I know we’ve been pretty into Macklemore’s Thrift Shop. I’m a big fan of the Black Keys, but that’s more blues than hip hop. There’s a facebook group for the best pole dancing songs, so you might check that out too. Good luck!

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