New Year Resolutions!

Yeah yeah, I know, eff New Year Resolutions long and hard, amiright?

Me in the middle with my two sisters and mom. Merry Christmas!
Christmas: me in the middle with my two sisters and mom. Happy Holidays!

Still, though.

1. Use my damn Groupons

I have so many awesome groupons for dance classes, yoga classes, and probably something ridiculous like welding lessons or a man’s shaving kit. I need to use these.

2. Go salsa dancing more

My friend is always asking me to go with her, but I usually don’t because 1. jealous dude in my life, and 2. $$$.

Now that the guy is out of the picture, spending $15 bucks to dancing with several skilled, handsome latino men seems like a bargain. L’chaim!


I know, this is from my pole-specific resolution list, but, it’s important enough to list twice. I’m going to take pics of where I’m at and check it in a couple of months, just to shame myself into progressing. And I’m still eyeing that Alethea DVD set…

4. Perform

I mean, honestly, it might not happen with pole for a while. I’m kinda shy about pole. It’s very close to my heart. I generally love performing, but, like writing, it has varying degrees of shame attached to it. Pole is to performing what my junior high school poetry is to the blogging for my day job. The stakes are just so much higher because it’s PERSONAL.

Now bellydance on the other hand… not that I don’t take it seriously, but I have a comfort level with it that’s come with doing it for a few years now, and the fact that it happens in numbers. Oh, and much less chance of literally falling on my face. Anyway, my friend and I have been rehearsing very hard (once a week, rain or shine!) and we’re hoping to have a piece ready for a Valentine’s show! Woot woot!

5. Cook more

Yeah, file this under saving money. Chipotle and I need to have a legal separation.

6. Fall in love

7. …or at least don’t settle for anything not the real thing

From now on, it’s madly in love or just friends. No in between, no relationshits. No guys that I know from the start aren’t really going to do it for me. I’m a demanding, picky mofo and it’s time I embraced that and stop carrying on with miserable, half hearted dating situations.

8. Care less what other people think

My older sister will literally always roll her eyes if I mention pole dancing. It’s time to stop believing there are only two choices for reaction to this: A. feeling hurt and rethinking everything, or B. deciding she sucks. There’s a third choice, and that’s living and letting other live, and not expecting everybody to see things the way I do. I guess that’s like, growing a backbone and standing behind my life choices, right?

9. Do more to maintain my friendships

You guys, I’m so bad with this. There’s a reason I have friends at all my jobs and very few outside of work–I work all the time, and when I’m not working, I’m a hermit. I think I might tend towards introversion, because after I get off the clock I literally don’t want to see anything human. I think getting my own place this month (yay!) should help with this. Not that I don’t love my roommates dearly as people–just that some concentrated alone time as soon as I get home might charge me up better to actively spend more time with friends. Which I really need to do, because every time I reconnect with them, I remember how lucky I am to have great people around me. And how little I do to set aside time and energy for them. Sorry guys 🙁 it’s not you, it’s me. For realz.

10. Get better at rejection

So rebounding is the key to success in life, I’ve decided. It’s funny how much more epic failure seems than success, isn’t it? The big thing I remember about this year is a few nasty emails from blog readers (professional, not this one) and a very kind rejection note from, whom I sent an essay. That they hated.

Funny how that stands out more than the fact that I was just published in a book (literally, a book… they just sent copies to my house!!), I started a fun new career that I kick ass at (holla, pole teaching!). On the personal side, I also peeled myself off the floor and rebounded from major heartbreak without skipping a beat (at least on the outside). I mean seriously. I don’t even think I went to work looking like crap or had a meltdown anywhere public (at least during the day time). Good, right?!

So, ladies. Fill me in. What’s your big area of improvement for 2013? Are you scared? I mean, 13’s my lucky number (long story, junior high volleyball team number), but I can imagine other people have yucky feelings about it.

Lessons pick up again on Thursday so be sure to sign up!

Happy twirls in the new year!


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