It happened again…

These are not shorts.
These are not shorts.

I forgot my shorts. I thought for sure I packed them, but I peeked in my bag on the way to the studio last night and found a pair of folded black tights instead.

With 15 minutes before my first class and two classes to teach, I did what anyone would have done: I canceled.

Just kidding. You’d have to put a wall of fire in front of my studio to keep me from teaching. So I found a pair of scissors and cut my tights into shorts. Very tight, moderately transparent shorts.

Great day to wear underpants with flowers on them, by the way.

So in closing, apologies to everyone who saw my ass last night, but thank you for taking my class, which was hella-full. I still have hope that my Jedi mind tricks prevented you from noticing anything odd though. ***THERE IS NOTHING STRANGE ABOUT THESE SHORTS. THIS IS NOT AN ASS YOU ARE LOOKING AT.***

Anyway, turns out the studio’s closed on Thursday (noooooo) and I’m upstate for Christmas next week, so hold off on sign ups until we’re off the holiday schedule. I’ll let you know when, promise.




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