I AM THANKFUL FOR POLE, and other musings.

Life has changed a LOT since this time last year.

Last November, I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 2.5 years after a sad, fighty trip to Hawaii. I was juggling a writing class, a writing job, and an unpaid writing internship (Time Out NY, holla!)

I was scared, broke, lonely, and feeling burnt out and poopy about life in general.

It was at this time that I took my first pole class.

Just swap “Pinterest” for “WordPress” and you now know what the inside of my dreams look like.

Fast forward to this year. I’m stronger and braver than I ever thought I’d be. Most of my body hangups have faded…  if I feel icky or out of shape, I ask myself, “Hey girl (I do it in a Ryan Gosling voice), did you flip your feet over your head several times this week?”

“Why yes, self, yes I did.”

“Then you’re good. You wear what you want, girl.”

“Thanks self. I’m so glad we found a sport/hobby combination that keeps us in shape and feeling good, self-esteem wise.”

“Me too, girl. Me too.”


I’m ever better at talking to people and generally asserting myself/being friendly with strangers since I’ve started teaching pole. I’m naturally pretty shy, but I’ve discovered that I LOVE leading people through new things and reassuring them, and that’s started carrying over to all parts of my life.

And boys… yeah, let’s go there! I had another disastrous relationship/ish thing last winter, after I had just started getting really into pole (I admit it).

But looking back on the heartache, I realized it probably didn’t work out because… well, I was asserting myself.

Homeboy–while at first extremely attractive to me for being ballsy and funny–was generally kind of a selfish, arrogant dick underneath all the charm.

And your girl,  newly pole-i-fied, was just not really having it, ya know?

It hurts when things don’t work out, yeah. But not as much if they DO work out, and they continue to suck. I actually wonder if I had been this person two years ago, would I have ever stayed in my other empty, lame, crappy relationships as long as I did.

I think I stayed because I didn’t think I was strong enough, just me.

But now, as I challenge other grown, in-shape men to try to climb a pole, or hang upside down, I realize: I’m amazing.

I’m the package, all by my lonesome.

And I owe that to pole. Oh, and some incredible teachers.

It’s no coincidence either, I think, that EVERY pole girl I meet is freaking amazing. Y’all are incredible, and I love you. Don’t let people try to put down what you do, or minimize it.

Heck, don’t say anything at all. Just step away from the pole and give the haters an “all yours” gesture. Then try not to laugh. That would be rude.

So tell me–what are you guys thankful for? How has pole shaped YOUR life over the past year or months?

PS. No classes this Thursday, for obvious Turkey-related reasons 🙂 But we’re back on for Saturday, so be sure to check the new site.

Happy twirls!


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  1. You ARE strong, and I’m glad there had been positive changes since u took up pole babe! These past few months, pole has been an outlet I turn to whenever I feel emotional or angry, always makes me feel a whole lot better after i pole for an hour or 2 🙂 mega hugs, keep posting! xx

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