Cross training adventures: chair dance

Flashdance! SO de sexe.

The only reason for having your own rules about things is to completely break them, right?

I don’t really like when people confuse pole dance with exotic dance. I mean, you can have pole dancing without stripping, and stripping without pole dancing. They’re not mutually exclusive.

So I like to mouth off about how I’m purist, and pole dance is dance, and it’s not to be confused with stripper stuff like rolling around on the floor and spreading your legs excessively. Because I don’t do THAT.

If chair dancing taught me one thing, it’s that the RNC could have been soooo much more entertaining.

Well, yeah. In the words of Rick Perry… oops.

A friend was taking a chair dance class and invited me along. And, to be honest, I wanted a break from all the pain and bruising for a while.

I feel kinda wimpy since laying around my house during hurricane sandy, and I need baby steps to get me back in the studio.

Also, my floor work definitely needs help, so I figured something slower and bendier might be in order. Besides, there’s no way “chair” could be harder than pole, right?

Yeah, it was hard. The class was only 45 minutes and I was sweating within 10. By the end, my legs were shaking and I was feeling lactic acid burn in my abs. And I train my abs, a lot! Go figure.

Here’s the thing: getting your legs straight and close to your face is not easy. Keeping them there while you open and close in patterns in much harder. Doing all that while balancing on the edge of a chair: SUPER FRICKIN’ HARD.

How great to have these moves in your arsenal though, right? Now when I want to do a mini workout before bed, screw sits up and push ups–I’m going to run through my chair routine! It’s got all the power ab and quad work with a nice side of flexibility training and floor-work drills.

And BONUS: while I have a personal policy against exploiting my pole moves for sex appeal, I have no such rule for chair dancing. So I totally did my new routine for a kinda-sort-boyfriendy type.

He liked it ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to move on to “lapdance” classes any time soon, but I really, really dug chair and I’m thinking about spending a little more time on floor work/dance moves in general for pole.

What do you guys do for cross training when you’re bored of pole? Do you separate pole from other “exotic” arts, or would you give another genre of sexy dance a try?

Don’t forget, there’s a new website for my studio! So make sure to sign up for my Monday spin class HERE.

Also, speaking of floorwork (and because I’m a bad business woman and I love giving other instructors my students), Alieesah is teaching an amazing Sensual Floor work class right before me. GET ON IT, seriously. I’m going to try and sneak in myself, if I can. 6-7pm, snitches!

Happy twirls!



  1. I love chair dancing and think it helps tremendously with floor work, pole transitions and overall fluidity. I’ve taken Strip and Lap classes with the chair that had tougher routines than the pole ones I was taking at the same time. It’s no way easier than pole… in fact, I think the risk of falling / getting injured is far greater with advanced chair work than pole work in general!

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