THE WRATH OF SANDY. Plus, getting on/to the pole/polls: equally important.


This happened about 30 feet from my apartment in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

Omg, you guys. This past week. Ugh.

Okay, so I’ll spare the boring recap, but I was basically really lucky and didn’t even lose power during Sandy. What I did lose was mobility (no subway!) and the motivation to do anything but lie sideways on my futon and watch slasher movies. Oh, and Uno. I played a lot of Uno.

Here’s the ironic part: as soon as I was able to leave the house, I somehow contracted a cold (FROM WHO?? I DIDN’T LEAVE THE HOUSE? Oh wait, probably that guy that coughed in my face the first time I left the house). So now, just at the apex of wanting to do productive things again, I feel shitty and thus give myself permission to park it in front of Hulu with chips and guacamole again. (Hahaha, just kidding, I’m too lazy to actually make guacamole… it’s just a hunk of avocado in a bowl with some salsa dumped on top. Then I mush it around with chips as I put it in my face. This is my life).

Anyway, run on sentences. Sorry. I plead cold medication.

PS. I’M IN HUFFPO! so, um, read my article about internships even though it’s not at all related to pole dancing because I’m amazed I accomplished anything on EITHER career front this week. Look, it’s my full name in the URL and everything!!!!11!!!

PPSS. You’d think with all the time alone at home with my pole and all the energy I had from being cooped up that I would dance. No. Not really. Dance I did not. Stare at my pole while eating Halloween candy because Halloween was essentially cancelled, I did. I truly, truly did. Thus, I have little to report on the pole front. Sorry 🙁

PPPSSS. Go vote guys. And by vote, I mean please vote for Obama. Assuming it’s all ladies reading this (and the occasional lost male with an appreciation for ladies), that’s kind of a no brainer. (Sorry for being political, it will all be over soon).

Happy twirls and civic duties!!


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