How you know you’re addicted to pole… Plus: NEW 4 WEEK COURSE!

So how do you know if you’re truly committed to our steadfast, chrome-colored friend?

You start working out to make your tricks better ūüėõ

I mean, I f***ing hate running. I HATE IT. and yet, I actually went to a specialty sneaker store to get my feet measured and dump $135 bucks on new Mizunos. Why? Because I want more pole-endurance, son! And also, I think my feet and legs are a little wonky from spending so much time on my toes (true story), so, good shoes are important. Especially if you already hate running, and need it to suck less as an incentive.

I’m also working on planks, push-ups, and reverse crunches, ew. Do I enjoy these things?


Do I care about having a six pack (actually, let’s call it a SEX pack, amirite?!) and Michelle Obama arms?

Okay, a little bit. But not enough to actually do anything about it.

Here’s what I want: I want my tricks to suck less! And be less painful!

I had a news flash the other day about why I finally hit a chopper months ago… and why I can’t seem to get it consistently since then.

This is super obvious, but… STRENGTH.

I lost mine.

See, back in the day (oh, 3 months ago?) I was assistant teaching a class called Pole Perfections.

It’s really not so much a class as it is an open practice hour–with a 20 minute stretch and strength conditioning kick off.

Now, mind you, I did not appreciate doing this class, because that 20 minutes is hellish. I’m not exaggerating when I say I dreaded it. It’s difficult enough to make it through 3 sets of 19 different ab exercises (without dropping your legs in between) even without having to TALK THROUGH IT… but yeah, gasping for air during a class (on top of hating every painful minute of it) is pretty horrible.

I was only teaching the class in pieces (as an assistant to another teacher), so it wasn’t so bad. And I loooooooved the part where I get to walk around the room and tweak everybody’s spins and make alignment adjustments, etc. But I knew the day was coming that I would have to do all those push ups and sit ups on my own, without a break, and without wheezing through the counts like Grampa Simpson.

The mere thought of it scared me so much that I started working out on my own. I was knocking out crunches and push ups before bed for weeks. Swear to God.

Fear is a hell of a motivator.

I didn’t make the connection at the time, but right about a few weeks into my extra curricular work outs, I got that final little hip tilt and fell into my first chopper. FINALLY, I thought. The world of inversions is now magically open to me forever! Mine! All mine!

And then a funny thing happened: Pole Perfections got dropped off the schedule for a month to make room for another class, and I lost my fear. I got lazy with crunches. And my chopper faded into trick oblivion.

I figured¬†out¬†this connection recently, and have since redoubled my dedication to cross training again. But I’ve been missing that “potential-for-embarrassment” motivator. And frankly, having to teach moves several times a week is really the only way that I, ¬†in my laziness, actually will push myself through them regularly, right along with my dutiful students.

But here’s the ultra good news, on all fronts: not only is Pole Perfections back on the schedule, but I’ve been assigned a new 4-WEEK CLASS, and it has a WORKOUT SECTION!

[Thursdays at 6pm (starting on the 18th)–mark your calendars, bitches!]

And best part of all: class time is not sacrificed for the conditioning portion, because it’s a 90-minute class!

This is a pet peeve of mine, since I used to pay through the nose for belly dance classes… and ¬†then rage when the whole first half was yoga stretches. FTS, man.

I’m really, really, really excited about this, you guys. I’ve been teaching mostly drop ins for a while, so it will be really fun to actually see the same group every week, gettin’ ¬†better, stronger, and more bad ass… which is my favorite thing ever, next to ice cream and maybe I Can Haz Cheezburger. I really like breakthroughs.

Anyway, if you’re interested in taking the class you can get a better description here (Pole Dynamics Level 1¬†is me!), and don’t let the $150 price tag scare you… the rate is still exactly $25/hr, but the progression, conditioning, and intensity levels will be kicked up, big time. Oh, and everybody gets their own pole.

Here’s a copy of the flier…. because again, I’m really excited about this.

Happy twirls!


PS.¬†Intro to Pole is at 7:30pm¬†tonight! We’re doing a 10% off promotion for NOOBS, too, so now’s a good time to take an Intro if you’ve been curious ūüėÄ

Pole Dynamics is a 90 minute 4wk pole dancing course for everyday people who are interested in learning the art of pole dancing in a safe, step by step progression program. This course meets once a week for ninety minutes over four weeks.
This intensive course gives students:
A consistent regiment of the dynamics of the pole
-Exclusivity to your own pole in an environment with other students to bond with and grow with from level to level.
-Students will learn dynamic pole stretches to enhance flexibility
-Multiple strengthening exercises to build muscular strength and endurance
-Learn the dynamics of the pole from proper body positioning, poise, posture, pole spins, dance moves, floor work, transitions
-Choreography and improvisational dance skills.
-Learn new material and accomplish new goals each week
-Be ready willing and able to sign up to the next level to face a new sexy mind blowing pole dancing challenge.
 Pole Dynamics Course-$150
(4- 90Min Classes)
Pole Dynamics Bundle-$240, Regular Price-$265,  Save-$25
(Includes The Following-(4)90Min Classes & 5Class Card)
Sign Up Now Limited Spaces Left 
PD Level 1 Tuesdays Starting 10/16/12  7:00pm-8:30pm Click Here To Sign Up
PD Level 1  Wednesdays Starting 10/17/12 8:00pm-8:30pm Click Here To Sign Up
PD Level 1 Thursdays Starting 10/18/12 6:00pm-7:30pm  Click Here To Sign Up
PD Level 4 Thursdays Starting 10/18/12 8:00pm-9:30pm  Click Here To Sign Up
Standard Class Attire: Top(TShirt or Tank Top),Bottoms(Shorts or Yoga Pants), Footwear(BareFeet), HandTowel(Wipe Your Pole Down) & Yoga Mat(Optional)


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