Longest. Day. Ever.

So, I don’t exactly pole for a living. I have two other jobs… a day job, and a no-free-time-after-my-day-job-job.

In case you’re curious, here’s a picture of my day so far: I worked my gym job from 6-10am (which means a 4:30am wake-up call), and now I’m at my day(re: writing/editing) job, where I just got the call that both my Intro (nooooob) and Pleaser (choreo/heels class) are filled up and on… and taking place back to back.

I’m super excited because classes have been slow lately… but wow, this definitely calls for a 9th or 10th cup of coffee today. Oy vey.

Oh well. I’ve got my heels. I’ve got the “fuck it all” attitude that only sleep deprivation can create. I’ve also got some really, really tight shorts today, so you know class is going to be good. BRING IT.

In other news: PROGRESS!!!! By my 3rd day of practice I’m hitting a static AND a spinning “Jenyne” climb really consistently, and I learned a new straight-leg sit (look ma, no hands! or feet!) that looks sooooo pretty and ballerina-y.

I need to take a picture and send it to my parents so that that’s the image they have of me dancing forever.

Anyway, I’m pretty sore and rather hideously banged up in the inner thigh and foot area, but, that just makes me feel scrappy… so let’s do this.

Anybody try the Ms. Butterfly climb? Hope everybody’s making mini breakthroughs this week.

Happy Twirls!

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